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Monaghan Middlebrook Mushrooms

A Story of Rapid Growth.

Monaghan Mushrooms

One of the world’s largest and most progressive fresh mushroom companies, Monaghan Mushrooms’ success is driven by its capabilities as an integrated producer with a well invested R&D function.

DIG owns a 35% share of Europe’s No.1 mushroom producer, also the global No.2.

Monaghan supplies the complete range of top quality fresh mushrooms to leading multiple retailers, nationally and internationally, as well as to blue chip food manufacturers.

Over 30 years, Monaghan has grown to become the 2nd largest supplier and marketer globally.  Over the last decade, Monaghan Mushrooms has led a period of consolidation brought on by stalling demand and a growth in retailer pricing power.

Monaghan Mushrooms sales have more than doubled in the last 5 years. The company has grown its operations to global scale through acquisition and is now firmly established as the No.1 in the UK market with a 45-55% market share.

Group headquarters is strategically located to enable efficient routes to market, across Ireland, the UK and the rest of the world. Monaghan services its customers from various production plants across the UK and beyond.

Monaghan continues to invest in its two biggest assets: state of the art plant and technologies to maintain and maximise market share, and of course its people – of which currently there are over 3,000.



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